Watersnake Bow Mount Geo Spot GPS 65lb 60 inch

Bow Mount Geo-Spot GPS 65lb 60 inch

The Watersnake Geo-Spot GPS Bow Mount Electric Motor packs all of the essential features of a GPS electric motor into an energy-smart design. The Anchor, Pilot, Cruise and Navigation Modes, deliver maximum boat control while only requiring a single 12-volt battery for power. The result is a simplified installation process and reduced running costs. Equipped with 65lbs of thrust, the Geo-Spot packs plenty of power for most trailer boats.

The motor is also efficient and draws a maximum of just 50 amps. Under typical usage conditions and with a suitable battery, the Geo-Spot motor provides hours of on-water operation. The Geo-Spot GPS motor includes a heavy-duty and splash-proof handheld remote fob which enables wireless control from anywhere on your boat. It also comes with in-built voltage protection for safety and an Anderson plug system for fast and simple connection. Packed with features, simple to operate, and designed for a 12-volt system, the addition of a GPS-enabled electric motor has never been so easy and affordable.

• Remote control
• Pilot Mode GPS Maintain your heading, regardless of wind or current.
• Cruise Mode GPS Maintain your ground speed regardless of wind or current.
• Navigation Mode GPS Follow your favourite way points, tracks automatically
• Anchor Mode GPS Stay on your spot, regardless of wind or current.
• Anderson plugs for fast and simple battery connection
• Voltage, Current & Overheating Protection
• Efficient motor. Just 50 amps draw on 65lb thrust
• Sacrificial anode
• Composite propeller shaft
• Can be used in saltwater and freshwater

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