BFT Teflon Coated Crimping Pliers

Teflon Coated Crimping Pliers

Suitable for steel leaders, monofilament and fluorocarbon line. Universal application for all crimp sleeves up to 4mm

• Professional quality
• Teflon coated
• Two crush sizes
• Super secure 6-point pressure
• For all common crimp sleeves sizes of 0.6-4mm
• Non-slip handle

Powerful crimping pliers for a secure connection of the sleeves it is best to use a crimping tool. The BFT Crimping Pliers is a professional tool with a thick and non-slip rubber grip. The pliers with their pressure points allow a very safe 6-point crushing of single or double crimp sleeves and clamping sleeves.

Whether you want to build steel leaders, fluorocarbon leaders or thick marine leaders with crimp and ferrules, the BFT Crimping Pliers meets all your needs thanks to the super-secure 6-point pinch. For protection, there are large bulges at the end of the handle, which prevent your hand from slipping off.

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