Camillus Maxx 23 in Machete

Camillus Maxx 23 in Machete

The Camillus CARNIVORE MAXX 2.0 23" Titanium Bonded Machete is a juggernaut of versatility designed to cut, dig, saw, chisel, and gut for all your needs with brutal efficiency.

A staggering paragon of strength and durability, the colossal blade's titanium bonding treatment makes it up to 3x harder than untreated steel.

This way, you can worry less about the longevity of the blade edge and more about crushing the challenges facing you in the field, with the treatment affording you exceptional edge retention.

Complimented by a sturdy thermoplastic rubber handle, you can wield the CARNIVORE MAXX 2.0 in all its glory firmly in any environment.

Also included with the CARNIVORE MAXX 2.0 is a molded sheath, integrated 12" quadruple grind saw, cord cutter, and chisel tip.

In other words, it is the perfect machete for hunting, camping, hiking, and exploring.

Also backed by our Lifetime Warranty, the CARNIVORE MAXX 2.0 Titanium Bonded Machete will prove an invaluable asset to any outdoorsman, survivalist, or casual explorer with its commanding presence and functionality.

Features - 23" Overall Length - 18" Blade - 12" Quadruple Grind Saw - TPR Handle - Titanium Bonded - Integrated Cord Cutter - Chisel Tip - Includes a Specialized, Molded Sheath

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