Breakaway Crimp Tool

Adjustable Crimp Kit

Metal crimps are so useful for sea trace making that fishermen have used them for years despite their drawbacks. Plain metal crimps can be hard to adjust properly. Too loose, and they slip out of position. Nipped too hard - which is so easily done - some weaken the line.

Breakaway’s metal crimps are lined with soft rubber to protect the line and to allow tension to be preset so that the crimp can be fixed or adjustable. They’re also very easy to use: pull the rubber into the metal tube, trim the excess, slide into position on the trace, then crimp to the desired tension with the Breakaway crimp tool. Even at maximum pressure the crimp remains adjustable, but it stays fixed while you’re fishing.

The crimping tool is unique because it applies pressure along the crimp (axially) not across (radially) as ordinary pliers and crimping tools do. This allows the pressure to be set far more accurately over a wider range. In combination with Breakaway’s own crimps it means that the trace line will not be nipped and weakened.

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