Hayabusa One Touch 6 Hook Sabiki Real Minnow UV

One Touch 6 Hook Sabiki Real Minnow Ultra Violet

The Hayabusa Fishing Sabiki® EX125 – Real Minnow mirrors and mimics real minnows that catch big baitfish and game fish. Designed with incredible style and exceptionally strong and sharp fishing hooks, this particular Sabiki® saltwater fishing rig is one of the most sought after models in the world – and for good reason! Hayabusa Fishing is identified as The Pride of Japan due to the tremendous engineering invested into each and every fishing rig and fishing hook. The Sabiki® EX125 – Real Minnow exemplifies this greatness in action, providing saltwater fishermen with the ultimate tool for catching fish. Below you will find a diagram and all the product details needed to make an informed, educated decision on which model to choose for your particular fishing needs.

NB: Hook Size Japanese 16

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