anyfish anywhere 12' 6" Bass PRO MK1 surf rod

12' 6" Bass PRO MK1 surf rod

Typical Anyfish Rod which has been suitably designed for purpose. This rod is designed not just for the rod stand but for mobility. Being slim, light and responsive, its speciality lies in bassing, however its versatility is its biggest strength. It can be used on: beaches, estuaries, rock ledges, rock hopping, pollocking and bassing with big lures, ledgering soft baits and casting clipped rigs anything from 100 to 175 grams. Our specialist rod testers have landed double figure: congers, undulate rays, small-eyed rays and smooth hounds in the North east, Isle of Wight and South Wales from rugged coastlines to sandy beaches. We would best describe it as a Mini Match PRO. Universally rung for a Fixed Spool or Multiplier reel.

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