Jarvis Walker Cyclone Spin 6ft Combo

Cyclone Spin 6ft Combo

Buy 6 or more for discounted price

The Jarvis Walker Cyclone Combos are a great rod and reel selection designed for children aged 9-12 years. The lightweight 6-foot rod length is easy to manage for kids of this age and the 2-4kg line class is suitable for most estuary and freshwater fishing options.

The Jarvis Walker Cyclone Combos are equipped with a ball bearing reel that holds 170 yards of 8lb monofilament line and features a stainless steel main shaft for added durability. The rods are two-piece so they easily pack up for storage or transport, they come spooled with fishing line, and they are available in two distinctive colour schemes (White/Black and Red/Black).

Whether you’re chasing bream, flathead, whiting, and tailor in the estuaries or chasing trout and perch in freshwater, the Jarvis Walker Cyclone Combos have all the necessary features for some family fishing fun!

Feature List

  • Ideal gift for kids aged 9-12
  • 6' two-piece rod
  • Ball bearing reel
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • Spooled with line

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