Dennett Imperium 13ft Surf Combo 100-200g

Imperium 13ft Surf Combo 100-200g

The new Imperium Surf rod is a tough and powerful rod that is able to handle big surf and large baits with ease. The 13ft length can greatly improve casting when compared to shorter lengths of shore rods. The Imperium Surf rod is paired with the Crusader 8000 reel which has been a durable and reliable member of the Jarvis Walker stable for many years. When the 2 are combined the angler is equipped with a great value product that will give many days of hassle free fishing.

NB: "Price: From" shows the best quantity price, in this case buying 30 rods. Buying singles will be more expensive. Place 1 in the basket and view it to see the correct single price.

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