Sharpes of Aberdeen Ajax 4 Piece Fly Rod

Ajax 4 Piece Fly Rod

Sharpes 4-piece Ajax range of trout rods are made using a multi-modulus carbon blank. This gives the rods a stiff action as well as delivering more power and control. The Ajax rods have been designed with line presentation in mind. These qualities along with the fast recovery of the blank make this rod series a real joy to use.

8 sizes available:

AS-AJ4905 9ft 2.70m #5 103g
AS-AJ4906 9ft 2.70m #6 112g
AS-AJ49607 9ft 6inch 2.85m #7 115g
AS-AJ41023 10ft 3.00m #2/3 108g
AS-AJ41005 10ft 3.00m #5 120g
AS-AJ41006 10ft 3.00m #6 120g
AS-AJ41007 10ft 3.00m #7 120g
AS-AJ41106 11ft 3.30m #6 135g


  • 4 piece rods
  • High Modulus Carbon Blank
  • High Quality Guides
  • Aluminium and Wood Reel Seat
  • Cork handle
  • Cordura Tube

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