Strike Pro Pig Tail 23cm 40g

Strike Pro Pig Tail 23cm 40g


A soft-plastic shad inspired by the classic jerkbait ‘The Pig’. The Pig Tail has a seductive rolling action while the head is rocking from side to side. The long curl tail twists and lashes out in a rhythmical motion enticing big pike to attack. The large tail flutters beautifully sending out pulses of colour and vibration. Aside from the great action of the lure it moves a lot of water, drawing fish into its wake. Retrieve slowly for best results. It replicates a freshwater eel very well. A food source that many pike are familiar with and will predate on with confidence. A really affective large bait that is sure to get you connected to some large predators.

Trade Pack Size (3 bags of 2 pcs)

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