Strike Pro Pig Craw 7.5cm 4g

Strike Pro Pig Craw 7.5cm 4g

Pig Craw 7,5cm is a Creature bait typed of bait but has a lot of other features and outstanding characteristics that makes it stand out in the wide jungle of creature baits. The Pig Craw is made of TPL material which makes the bait float and with the material adds a lot of stretch-tear resistance. Design originated from the Piglet Shad with a twist. The pincers of the Pig Craw has a thick bulk and a slimmed down tip to make it stand when placed on the bottom and to produce a waving movement when retrieved. Pig Craw is slotted in the back and belly to ensure a weedless presentation when Texas rigged. When using a traditional jig head, the body is thicker at the insert point to ensure maximum gripping and fitting for hook and shaft. Made from super durable TPL material to ensure long life and fish catching durability as well a high buoyancy. Will react with Plastisol, Keep in bag! 7,5cm 6pcs.


Trade Pack Size (3 bags of 6pcs)

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