Bite Science Thump Shad 3 Inch Pk 5

Thump Shad 3 Inch

The Thump Shad is a large paddle tail soft plastic that comes pre-rigged with an internal (removable) jig head so it's ready to catch fish straight out of the packet. We have hand selected the perfect jig head to suit an array of different applications, removing any guesswork, however, you can always remove the internal jig head and rig this soft plastic with any way desired.

XT Ultra-Tough Plastic means your fish count per lure is increased, so less re-rigging during a hot bite. The oversized paddle tail on the Thump Shad allows the lure to be fished ultra-slow, keeping it in the strike zone for longer and enticing more bites.

The Thump Shad can be hopped along the bottom, but it is just as effective to slow roll over weed beds and structure, just letting the tail do the work for you will often bring the rewards.

Bio-Tech Design
XT Ultra Tough
Max Action Formula
Scent Impregnated

Recommended 1/8oz #2/0 Hook

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