Bite Science Kick Minnow Lures 2 Inch Pk 14

Kick Minnow Lures 2 Inch Pk14

A lot of work has gone into the design and action of this soft plastic. The Kick Minnow takes the slender and compact profile of a minnow and adds a small yet vigorous paddle tail. Max Action Formula means that you get optimum vibration and movement out of your plastic with less work from the rod.

The Kick Minnow can be fished in a range of different scenarios, however, it really comes into its own when worked along rock walls and structures where the fish are waiting to pounce. Estuary species such as bream cannot resist as the paddle tail flutters and vibrates as the plastic sinks to the bottom. The slender profile of this soft plastic really aids in casting distance and is a great go-to lure for finding schooling species such as bass or bream.

Bio-Tech Design
XT Ultra Tough
Max Action Formula
Scent Impregnated

Recommended Jighead 1/8 oz #2 Hook

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