Bite Science Dirty Grub Lures 2.5 Inch Pk 8

Dirty Grub Lures 2.5 Inch Pk 8

Estuary and inshore species beware! The Bite Science Dirty Grub is a versatile curly tail soft plastic that is proven to catch fish in all conditions. The Dirty Grub with its ultra-jittery tail is especially deadly on species such as bream, perch, bass, and a range of different desirables including snapper.

The Dirty Grub can be fished fast or slow and even vertically, but it is extremely successful fished on an ultra-light jig head around structure and reef. Max Action Formula will get you that bite on even the toughest of days and once a fish sinks its teeth in and tastes that delicious squid scent, hold on because they won't be letting go!

Bio-Tech Design
XT Ultra Tough
Max Action Formula
Scent Impregnated

Recommended Jighead 1/8 oz #2 Hook

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