Bite Science Bunker Buster Lures 3 Inch Pk 10

Bunker Buster Lures 3 Inch Pk 10

The Bunker Buster is the perfect soft plastic for when the bite is tough. The ribbed underbelly throws off vibrations that get the fish's attention and the longer subtle curly tail entices the bite! The Bunker Buster is a great all-rounder that can be fished both shallow or deep and in open water or hard amongst structure.

Max Action Formula offers an irresistible curly tail action that does all the work for you. You will find that most hook-ups will occur as the plastic is sinking to the bottom and the Trigger Scent promotes the fish to hang on for longer, allowing you to set the hook with ease.

Bunker Buster is ideal for trout, bream, bass and perch in the smaller sizes and the larger models are ideal for larger predator species.

Bio-Tech Design
XT Ultra Tough
Max Action Formula
Scent Impregnated

Recommended Jighead 1/8 oz #2 Hook

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