Yo-Zuri Crystal Ultra Aurora Squid Jig 95mm 8.9g Lure

Crystal Ultra Aurora Squid Jig 95mm 8.9g Lure

New generation squid jigs by Yo-Zuri, the Crystal Ultra Aurora series has one of the most realistic underwater movement you have ever seen. This is because of the Air Chambers on it's back side, that maintains the squid jig's underwater balance. The Crystal Ultra Aurora body has an impressive finishing and bright, shiny colors which attract squids. In particular, the glittering Aurora sheet and the lens have an unparalleled effect. The Crystal Ultra Aurora squid jigs suffer no change of shape from water pressure.

• Perfectly balanced for precise lifelike swimming action
• Swivel line tie for effortless lifelike movement
• Sinks at 6" per second
• Super-sharp hooks
• Large eyes
• High-quality Japanese construction
• Internal holographic flash
• Tough and Durable ABS Resin Material

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