Tackle House Ripple Popper Sinking Works 90mm 14g

Ripple Popper Sinking Works 90mm 14g

It is common for predators to chase and prey and baitfish to the surface. When attached the bait fish is forced towards the surface in an effort to escape. The Sinking Works lure is designed to mimic the upward movement of fleeing bait to the surface, just like the real bait that swims at an upward trajectory. Normally, when you add movement to a lure, it dives down, but the TKRP aims and rises to the top. In addition, this TKRP "9/14" SINKING WORKS gains flight distance because it has an extra 3g of weight. We hope you enjoy using this lure which mimics the panic bait of frenzies that are often experienced when fishing. Harness the natural aggression of Bass and Sea Trout with this fantastic lure.

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