Tackle House K-Ten TKF 130mm 18g Lure

K-Ten TKF 130mm 18g Lure

The super-flat wide lip, which is the predominant feature in the appearance of this K-Ten Tuned lure. When retrieving, both sides of the lip protrude to the left and to the right and are always subjected to water resistance, which produces an exquisite wobbling and rolling action in all speed ranges. The lure runs at a depth of 5 to 20 cm in the low speed range. Retrieved at a slightly faster rate, it can dive up to 40 to 60 cm.

The lure can be fished and controlled at a variety of depths by simply changing the rod angle. If the lure is retrieve at very high speed it will run in the 5-20cm range without breaking the water surface. Rush toward the top guide without jumping out of the water. A unique action and design makes this K-Ten Tuned lure appeal to all anglers, but especially to those fishing big surf beaches or choppy water.

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