Flambeau Medium Blue Ribbon Waterproof Swing Leaf Fly Box

Medium Blue Ribbon™ Waterproof Fly Box - Swing Leaf

Product Size: 5" L x 3.75" W x 1.625" D

The Blue Ribbon™ Waterproof Fly Boxes are named after the trophy "blue ribbon" waters that all fly anglers dream of. Each fly box in the series features a 360-degree rubber gasket, a front cam locking system and external rubber bumpers to protect your flies.

Internal Layout: (4) VFF™ panels with swing leaf

  • Featuring Vertical Friction Foam (VFF™) technology that consists of rows of vertically slit foam that securely holds flies between the pads using friction without allowing the hook to pierce the foam.
  • Spring-loaded compartment lid
  • 360-degree waterproof gasket
  • Secure front cam locking system

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