Sharpes of Aberdeen Aquarex WF Sinking Fly Line 100ft

Aquarex WF Sinking Fly Line 100ft

The Aquarex Fly lines have been designed and manufactured to our specifications and can boast some new technologies that other brands do not have.

A newly developed long-lasting coating that will give the line a super slick performance that improves casting distance has been applied to all the Aquarex Fly Lines.

Over the years we have witnessed people complain about the tip of their fly lines losing buoyancy. To combat this issue a newly developed super buoyant low-density tip features on our floating line.

Each fly line has 2 Welded Loops one at each end. As well as this, each line’s specification is laser printed onto the end of the fly line.

Sharpe’s Aquarex Fly Lines are loaded onto a biodegradable spool and are packaged in a recyclable box to minimize the environmental impact of our products.

● 100ft Fly Line
● Newly developed Super Slick Coating to Enhance Line
● Performance
● Double Welded Loops
● Laser Identification on each line
● Biodegradable Spool and Recyclable Box
● Sinking Line 3 IPS
● Available sizes 6,7,8

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