Kamasan Premium Snap Tackle Barbed

Premium Snap Tackle Barbed

TK-PST04 30lb
TK-PST06 25lb
TK-PST08 20lb

Kamasan Premium Snap Tackle - Super quality twin treble rigs / snap tackle for Pike dead bait fishing. Each rig is manufactured with high quality components such as kink resistant long lasting wire and very sharp, strong barbed trebles. Designed to fish dead bait for Pike each trace can be used numerous times. If you've never used a Kamasan snap tackle before you'll find that each wire leader has two barbed treble hooks that not only provide a secure hold on the target species but are also useful for securing dead bait in place. Top tip; For longer casts trying securing dead baits to the trace with bait elastic to prevent them coming unstuck.

High quality snap tackle
Designed to target pike with dead baits
Kink resistant wire
Long life construction
Length approx
2 strong barbed trebles per trace
1 rig per pack

Trade Pack Size (10)

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