BFT Shallow Tandem Stinger Rig

Shallow Tandem Stinger Rig

BFT Nylon Coated Stainless Steel 7-strand Tandem Stinger Rig are made with 7-strand Stainless Steel Wire and super sharp hooks size. Developed to be used with BFT Flexhead Pike and Pig Shad & Bandit Shad for a near weightless presentation. Perfect for spinning in shallow waters.

X-Small = 60lb B.S. 1 x Size 2 Treble (10-17cm Soft Baits)
Small = 60lb B.S. 2 x Size 1 Trebles (20cm Pig Shad Jr)
Medium = 100lb B.S. 2 x 2/0 Trebles (23cm Pig Shads & Bandit Shads)
Large = 100lb B.S. 2 x 3/0 Trebles (26cm Pig Shad)

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