Grangers G10 Memory Foam Insoles

G10 Memory Foam Insoles

Grangers G10 Memory+ insoles are designed to provide enhanced comfort and support to all types of footwear.

Based around a 5mm thick memory foam mid-layer to ensure immediate – and long-lasting – comfort, these insoles include a moisture-wicking microfibre top sheet and a felt base for improved moisture management, added durability, and increased stability within the shoe.

Featuring improved breathability due to an open-cell construction, inner arch support, and under-heel cushioning, Grangers G10 Memory+ insoles are perfect for providing day-to-day comfort and enhanced support.

  • Wicks away moisture.
  • Conforms to the shape of your feet.
  • Suitable for all types of footwear.

Grangers G10 Memory+ insoles are designed to fit into any shoe, and can be trimmed to size for the perfect fit.

Construction information:

  • Weight: 64g (for one pair of size 40 insoles.)
  • Microfibre upper.
  • 5mm open-cell memory foam middle.
  • Felt base.


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