Grangers Tent and Gear Cleaner 500ml

Tent and Gear Cleaner

Grangers Tent + Gear Cleaner is a sponge-on cleaner designed to clean dirt, dust, pollen, and all other performance-impairing impurities from outdoor gear.

Over time, and with prolonged use, even the best outdoor gear will begin to lose its ability to repel water. That's because residues and impurities that settle on your gear all absorb water. As your equipment gets dirtier, the more water it absorbs, leaving itmuch more likely to leak...

Fortunately, Grangers Tent + Gear Cleaner can help. By removing the surface dirt from outdoor fabrics, any water-repellent treatments present will be able to work as intended. Any gear or equipment that lacks a protective water-repellent finish can also benefit from being cleaned; any future waterproofing treatments will be much more effective if applied to a residue-free surface. In short, by ensuring your gear remains clean, it will look better, last longer, and perform at its best - whatever the weather.

Grangers Tent + Gear Cleaner is suitable for use on all outdoor gear and equipment, and is the ideal way to prepare articles for fresh water-repellent treatments.

  • Cleans all dirt and stains.
  • Suitable for all outdoor fabrics.
  • An ideal way to prepare gear for fresh waterproofing treatments.

Grangers Tent + Gear Cleaner is a versatile cleaner designed to remove dirt and stains from all outdoor fabrics.

Contains <5% non-ionic surfactants, preservative (1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one, 2-methyl-2H-isothizol-3-one)

Usage instructions are as follows:

  • Remove any loose dirt before beginning.
  • Dilute Tent + Gear as per the instructions on the bottle (100ml into 5L of water)
  • Clean fabric with a sponge and the diluted solution.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove excess product.
  • Allow to dry naturally. Never pack away outdoor equipment while still wet.

Bottle Size = 500ml.


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