Camillus M-13 18 inch Titanium Machete with Sheath

Camillus M-13 18 inch Titanium Machete with Sheath

Titanium Machete The overall design of the M13 Machete is similar to a Kukri and is top heavy for great impact force. This modern Kukri version has a skeleton design that reduces the weight and makes the blade more elastic, essential for making a good spear. M13 Machete designed by Miltner Adams Company exclusively for Camillus Knives.

Made popular in Latin America, the machete has become an essential tool for the clearing of agriculture. The machete has made chores like cutting sugar cane and advancing through rain-forest like terrain much easier. Camillus' M-13 machete is a powerful tool made with a titanium stainless steel blade. Camillus decided to skeletonise the blade, which makes the machete easier to wield because its lighter weight. A full tang construction provides stability and ensures that the blade will not break while in use. Glass-filled nylon handles are slip resistant and textured to provide a better grip while in use. The M-13 comes with a glass-filled nylon sheath and a hole for a lanyard.

Titanium Bonded® Blade
Titanium Bonded is not painted or plated, but an application of a unique formulation of titanium and chromium nitride to the surface of cutting blades that actually penetrates and treats the metal to create a permanent bond. The patented Titanium Bonding process provides the following benefits; corrosion resistance, adhesive resistance and the process itself makes the stainless steel 3x harder than untreated stainless providing a blade that stays sharper longer.

Glass Filled Nylon
Glass filled nylon handles are found on our TigerSharp knives. We add glass-filled materials to polypropylene, ABS and other substraits in order to provide the strongest, most rigid handles designed for the TigerSharp technology.

• Titanium Bonded Non Stick Blade
• 440 Stainless Steel
• Full Tang Fibre Glass Nylon Handle
• 330mm Drop Point Blade
• 457mm Overall Length
• 4mm Thick Blade
• Lifetime Warranty

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