Camillus 7.25 inch Pristine Carbonitride Titanium Bonded

7.25 inch Pristine Carbonitride Titanium Bonded

7.25'' Carbonitride Titanium Folding Knife with G10 Handle VG-10 Japanese Steel / Carbonitride Titanium won't flake, blister, chip or peel and is up to 10x harder than untreated steel so the blades stay sharper, longer. Lifetime warranty.

Carbonitride Titanium® Bonded Blade
Carbonitride Titanium is on of the hardest surface treatments containing titanium. Harder than carbide. Harder than chrome. Our proprietary process creates a permanent molecular bond with the blade surface. Will not flake, blister, chip, or peel. A complex crystalline structure forms which protects the blade surface against wear, staining, and damage. Patent pending technology.

An extremely durable makeup of layers of fiberglass soaked in resin, then highly compressed and baked. Impervious to moisture or liquid and physically stable under climate change.

A unique formulation of steel with a high carbon content. It contains various amounts of one or more of the following: Chromium, Vanadium and Cobalt. VG-10 is considered a "super steel," because it is designed to maintain sharpness and durability. In addition to its exceptional edge retention, being a stainless steel, VG-10 is also surprisingly corrosion resistant due to its fairly high chromium content.

• Carbonitride Titanium Non Stick Blade
• VG-10 Stainless Steel
• Lockback, Black G10 Handle
• 76mm Drop Point Blade
• 184mm Open Length
• 3mm Thick Blade
• 82g
• Lifetime Warranty

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