Camillus 13 inch Ravenous Hatchet Titanium Nitride Bonded

13 inch Ravenous Hatchet Titanium Nitride Bonded

13.5" Titanium Bonded® Hatchet with Ballistic Nylon Sheath. It performs most camp chores such as limb trimming, firewood splitting and kindling shaving with ease. Lightweight and easier to carry on belt or the outside of a backpack. Lifetime Warranty.

Carbonitride Titanium® Bonded Blade
Carbonitride Titanium is on of the hardest surface treatments containing titanium. Harder than carbide. Harder than chrome. Our proprietary process creates a permanent molecular bond with the blade surface. Will not flake, blister, chip, or peel. A complex crystalline structure forms which protects the blade surface against wear, staining, and damage. Patent pending technology.

• Carbonitride Titanium Non Stick Blade
• 3Cr13 Stainless Steel
• Nylon Glass Fibre Handle
• 70mm Hatchet Blade
• 343mm Overall Length
• Lifetime Warranty

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