Rouchette Clean Land Ankle Boots

Rouchette Clean Land Ankle Boots

CLEAN range - The outsole Clean symbolizes our innovative capacities. From the useful clog to the warm and protective boot, every model leave its distinctive footprint on all land types. All CLEAN range models are made of natural rubber for a regular use. The neoprene lining provides adequate insulation, while the wave sole does not retain impurities and can be cleaned in one easy step! Ultra resistant, comfortable and practical, the CLEAN range is the ally for all your outdoor activities.

Self cleaning and anti slip CLEAN outsole . Thermoformed and removable insole with a confort sensation. Neoprene lining for a suitable insulation. Rubber front and rear reinforcement. Textile strap for easy fitting.

  • R'Gum: Performance Mixture based on ultra-resistant natural rubber for intensive use.

  • CLEAN: Self-cleaning and anti-slip sole.

  • Isola: 3.6/4 mm neoprene for good thermal comfort in all weather conditions. Neoprene developed by ROUCHETTE.

  • Confort Soft: Anatomical insole on EVA foam with reinforcement on the support points for better comfort.


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