Jarvis Walker Tactical 4000 FD Reel

Tactical Spinning Reel 4000

Jarvis Walker Tactical Spinning Reels take the battle straight to the toughest fish in UK waterways. These tough, yet classy spinning reels deliver power, quality, and finesse so that anglers can put the brakes on the biggest trophy fish. Jarvis Walker Tactical Spinning Reels are housed in a durable, yet lightweight graphite body that sits comfortably on any spin rod and is suitable for all-day casting.

The internal components are designed for longevity and include a stainless steel main shaft, brass pinion gear, infinite anti-reverse and four ball bearings, two of which are stainless steel. The CNC-machined alloy handle with rubber grip provides strength for cranking down hard on hefty fish and the thick, line-friendly bail wire, ensures that line flows seamlessly on and off the spool.

All reels have a 5.0:1 gear ratio and excel at bait or lure fishing. All anglers require reliable equipment, skill and a tactical game plan to land trophy fish and break new PBs. The Jarvis Walker Tactical Spinning Reels deliver the smarts and the hardware to make those fishing goals a reality.

• 4 Ball bearings
• Infinite anti-reverse
• CNC-machined metal handle
• Rubber handle knob
• Aluminium spool
• Line-friendly thick bail wire
• Graphite body and rotor
• Stainless steel main shaft
• Brass pinion gear

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