Mepps Giant Killer Spinner 35g

Giant Killer Spinner 35g

Many large fish (pikes, catfish, salmons, sea trout and lake, sea bass and other predators marine or of the large exotic rivers) can be caught with lures of medium sizes and even relatively small; it does not remain about it less than if one wishes to select the large specimens of the species which one tracks, it is better to give oneself specific means, not only to cause their attacks but also to remain Master of the fight until the final victory. The large lures are ready to start the attack of large fish because, for them, indeed, the need for not spending more energy is essential than would not get any to them an unimportant prey.

the large spoons function like bulky and slow preys: their blades turn with heavy and powerful vibratory effects and supported luminous flashes which betray the approach of a large prey to be intercepted. Their enormous “pompoms” bring a complement of volume which makes the large mouthfuls, without supplement of weight nor of rigidity. The effect “parachute” of these “pompoms” supports the very marked idles. Their alternate swellings and their continuous undulations collect the eye of large fish and target their final yell. A spinner is never too large for the true fish trophies.

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