Yo-Zuri Mag Darter 125mm 28g Lure

Mag Darter 125mm 28g Lure

The Mag Darter Series allows anglers to cast farther and cover more water than ever before due to its Magnetic Weight Transfer System. The Mag Darter has a unique “Inverted Cupped Face” that is often confused for a top water lure. The unique lip design actually produces an erratic underwater “darting” action. The Mag Darter is most productive when cast and slow retrieved. The Mag Darter Series has a tight rolling and natural darting action that requires no additional angler manipulation. This “natural action,” coupled with Yo-Zuri’s updated colour patterns, make this bait irresistible to both fresh and saltwater game fish. The Magnetic Weight Transfer System allows the bait to cast straight even in a strong wind.

• Internationally patented magnetic weight transfer system
• Flies straight during the cast for maximum distance
• Super strong 3x trebles
• Stainless steel split rings
• Designed for surf, jetty, and pier casting
• Slanted head creates a unique darting and rolling action
• Tough and Durable ABS Resin Material
• Wire-Through Construction

Video is based on 6.5inch version but basically the same lure.

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