Surecatch Power Line Clear Monofilament 4oz Spools

Surecatch Power Line Clear Mono

Bulk 4oz spools of bargain clear monofilament fishing line. Great for any fishing activity, 12lb to 80lb available. Each dimension has a different length as the line is weighed out to 4oz.

12 Spools Per Pack
Strong Abrasive Resistant Supple Line.
4oz Spools

  • 12lb 1000m 0.37mm
  • 15lb 660m 0.40mm
  • 20lb 560m 0.45mm
  • 25lb 460m 0.50mm
  • 30lb 340m 0.55mm
  • 40lb 250m 0.70mm
  • 50lb 210m 0.75mm
  • 60lb 200m 0.80mm
  • 80lb 140m 0.95mm

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