Kamasan Bayer Perlon Monofilament 100m Line

Bayer Perlon Monofilament

A premium quality monofilament line from Kamasan. Bayer Perlon is a tried and tested fishing line that has been used by generations of anglers that require a reliable all round mono. Ideal for float fishing, ledgering and spinning and will not let you down.

10 Spools Per Pack
Strong abrasive resistant supple line.
100m spools

  • 1.7lb 0.12mm
  • 2.1lb 0.14mm
  • 2.6lb 0.16mm
  • 3.2lb 0.18mm
  • 4.4lb 0.20mm
  • 5lb 0.22mm
  • 6lb 0.25mm
  • 8lb 0.275mm
  • 10lb 0.30mm
  • 12lb 0.325mm
  • 14lb 0.35mm

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