Owner Magic Fluorine Treble Hooks

Magic Fluorine Treble Hooks

Similar to the ST-36 but with a Short Shank and wider gap. Shorter shank reduces treble fouling and makes for a stiffer treble. The treble also features 150° PPP (Premium Point Position - see illustration) that splits 2 hook points out 150° vs. the typical 120° between all 3 points. This allows the hook points to be positioned slightly farther out from the hardbait body, making for better hookups. Includes Owner's Silky Gray frictionless finish that increases hook penetration. Round bends, and Super Needle Points.

10 Packs in Trade Pack
Available in sizes 1 to 6
Hooks per packet vary

  • Straight Oval Eye
  • Micro Barbed End
  • Premium Point Position

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