Condor F-238 Fish Finder

Condor F-238

The Condor F-238 features a high contrast supertwist 480V X 272H, 4.3" display with 1200 watts PTP power output sonar.

The brand new Condor F-238 raises the bar in terms of its quality-to-price ratio for a compact fishfinder. With its fast new processor and high-sensitivity receiver, this unit boasts performance that has previously been available only with much more expensive fishfinders.

The advanced autorange function of Condor F-238 frees fishermen of the need to worry about range adjustment. Now you can focus entirely on fishing. All suspended targets, especially fish, are automatically displayed by this unit’s sophisticated identification software, and appear on the screen as fish icons, with a digital readout of their depth. The high-tech, very sensitive receiver, with its advanced automatic gain-control system, offers surprisingly good depth performance.

The new software, with its convenient four-tab menu, is as easy to use as the rest of our models, in keeping with our reputation for user-friendly equipment. Each of the four on-screen windows clearly displays the appropriate settings; adjustments can be made with the arrow keys and can be monitored on a horizontal graphic bar. Thus, the intuitive nature of the control system of Condor F-238 is further enhanced, setting standards never before attained in this class of fishfinders.

Adjustments and settings are permanently stored in the unit’s memory, even when the Condor F-238 is off. Whenever you turn the unit on, you will find the settings from the last session.

The large 4.3” screen provides perfect visibility at any angle and in all lighting conditions - even with polarized sunglasses. The cold cathode backlighting is fully dimmable, for ideal ease of night time viewing.

The transom-mount transducer, included as part of the package, possesses a special hydrodynamic profile and works perfectly at high boating speeds as well. The built-in temp sensor makes it possible to continuously monitor a water-surface temperature readout on the screen.

The compact housing of Condor F-238 easily fits into any dash board. The flexible mounting bracket allows it to be tilted and swivelled in any direction, while its single jack makes it possible to install and remove the unit quickly and conveniently.

High resolution 240 x 128 pixel with 4 levels of gray.
Operation frequency: 200 kHz
Output power: 1200W (peak, 150W RMS)
Depth capability of over 490 ft (150 m)*
Large easy-to-read digital depth, temperature, and voltage readouts.
Automatic range control
InstanTrack shows in a column at right the instantaneous sonar returns in the form of signal-strength indicator bars
Alarms: shallow water, fish, low battery
Dual-function gray Shadeline bottom display, providing useful information about the nature of the water bottom
High-intensity, fully dimmable backlighting for night use
Adjustable chart speed
Hydrodynamic transom-mount transducer, with built-in temp probe, standard feature, and suitable for high boating speed
Coverage angle 20° @ -3dB (90° for fish searching)
Single-plug connector, for fast installation and removal
Compact waterproof housing fits any type of dash, allowing easy mounting in any location
Menus in 4 selectable languages
Operating voltage: 12 V

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