EK Archery Jaguar Recurve Crossbow

Jaguar 175 lbs Camo Crossbow

If you're looking to either start crossbow shooting or looking to upgrade your current bow the Jaguar Recurve from EK Archery is ideal. It's ergonomic design makes it a pleasure to shoot whilst the aesthetics make it stand out from other crossbows in similar margins.

This 175lbs crossbow offers huge shooting power. Requiring a draw weight of 175lbs there is a lot of force behind the bolts which equates to a high velocity as the bolt is fired. This Crossbow only weighs 5.7lbs meaning very little physical effort has to be used to transport or aim the bow.

Available in both black or camo the crossbows have very unique aesthetics. The high quality finish is sure to make it stand out from other competitors.

Crossbow Package Includes:
3-Dot Red Dot Sight
Cocking Rope
Shoulder Sling
3-Bolt Quiver
3 x 16" Aluminium Bolts

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