EK Archery Blade Compound Crossbow Kit

Blade Compound Crossbow Kit

Available in both Black and folium camo the Blade is a high powered, accurate yet affordable compound crossbow. It's aesthetics, ergonomics and accessories ensure hours of effortless fun.

The Barrel is constructed from reinforced composite for a strong, balanced crossbow. This barrel also features a picatinny rail which allows the attachment of optics such as scopes, torches and lasers. Alongside this the Cams and Riser has been constructed by aluminium die casting. This not only ensures reliability of the bow but also smooth cocking and shooting.

Fitted with an AR grip the Blade Compound Crossbow has a reinforced composite stock. This stock is also fully adjustable for an extra level of user customisation. Fitted with a clever mechanism the Blade has an Anti-dry firing trigger. This ensures the crossbow doesn't fire without a bolt loaded helping to prevent damage and prolong the life of your crossbow.

The unique design of this crossbow help make it a top competitor in the market. The grip has been pushed forward to create a more ergonomic and functional crossbow helping enhance the users experience. Alongside the Blade compound crossbow you also get a handful of accessories to help get you started including a 4x32 Crossbow scope, Cocking Rope, 3-bolt quiver, 3 x 20" Aluminium Bolts and String Wax.

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