EK Archery Chameleon Recurve Youth Bow 10-15 lbs

Chameleon Recurve Youth Bow 10-15 lbs

If looking for a recurve bow for a young person then the Chameleon is the bow for you. At the low price point and stylish build its a great introduction into the archery world.

With only a 10-15 lb draw weight this bow is simple to use for the beginner but still offers enough power to give good shooting range.

The Bow Kit Includes
1. Stick On Rests
2. 1-pin Brass Sight
3. Simple Quiver
4. Finger Rollers
5. Armguard
6. 2x 26" Fibreglass Arrows
7. Target Face

Draw Weight 10-15 lbs
Axle To Axle 48.5"


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